62 Dornbirn GFC Global Fibre Congress and 3rd Dornbirn GFC Innovation Days


The worldwide unique innovation congress, where the entire industry is represented to generate new innovations, offers 125 lectures and will take place from September 13 – 15, 2023 at the Kulturhaus, Dornbirn, Austria. The international speakers will explain how innovations from research and development can be put into practice. Connecting the textile value chain, from fiber to end user, succeeds with the participation of visitors from 34 countries, from fiber, textile industry to brands and retail.

Plenary lectures on the opening day
“Circularity: The new business model”. The presentation by Stephan Sielaff, CEO of Lenzing AG, will provide insight into this cutting-edge issue in the fiber industry and will highlight this topic from the perspective of the leader in the cellulose fiber industry.

“The EU Sustainable Textiles Strategy – its impact on the global textile ecosystem”. With this topic Dirk Vantyghem, CEO EURATEX will give an overview into the EU textile strategy and the preparations of the planned legislation. The upcoming changes for European/Global textile companies will be enormous. EURATEX asks the European institutions to create a consistent and intelligent regulatory framework, to provide financial resources for investments in innovation and to stimulate the demand for sustainable textiles.

The long-standing sponsor of the Dornbirn GFC, the company Gherzi Textil Organisation AG, will be represented by CEO Giuseppe Gherzi with the title “2030 – a new Textile World Order” and will focus on the new way forward for the global textile industry.

Dornbirn GFC is proud to announce the large energy provider Verbund AG at the congress.
Innovation Director Rudolf Zauner will give a presentation “Energy innovations – the key to climate neutrality” enlightening the importance of the fibre and textile industry in this context.

Industry meets RWTH AACHEN University
The aim of the Dornbirn GFC is to present sustainable innovations in the fiber industry. Central topics include sustainability and circular economy. Cooperations are a necessity in this context and the Dornbirn GFC acts as a network generator. RWTH Aachen has entered into such a cooperation with the industry partners and offers a whole block of lectures on Friday morning.

Title selection:
– Automation and digitalization of textile sorting for reuse and recycling
– Sustainable recycling: How length-preserving tearing contributes to the production of high-quality yarn
– From mixed waste to recycling feedstock – automated sorting and pre-processing of post-consumer textiles
– Condition monitoring with intelligent sensor fibers to enable sustainable technologies
– Potentials and opportunities for the use of shape memory fibres in 4D textiles

3rd Innovation Days
The innovators were organized in cooperation with FashionForGood and PWC. The series of lectures of more than 20 participants ranged from the topics of light-curing processes for stretch textiles, upcycled flexible foam from natural fibers to quantification methods for recycled fibers in fabrics and yarns.

Award ceremonies at the 62nd Dornbirn GFC 2023:
The “Young Scientist Award” of Lenzing AG will be awarded again this year at the Dornbirn GFC. As one of the leading innovators in sustainably produced fibers and fabrics, Lenzing AG has been in an excellent position for decades. Through contact with young scientists, research and development can be advanced and innovative and technological progress is guaranteed. The Lenzing “Young Scientist Award” will be awarded with € 5.000,-.

Man-made fibers research innovations at universities and research institutes are supported with the annual awarding of the Paul Schlack Prize as well as cooperation with the industry with the Honorary Prize. In 2023, European Man-Made Fibres Association (CIRFS), Brussels/Belgium, will continue the tradition at the 62nd Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (GFC) from September 13-15, 2023, in Dornbirn/Austria highlighting R&D excellence at the plenary session. The Main Paul Schlack Prize will be awarded with € 3.000 for an author of a theme from a university or research institute. The Honorary Prize will be presented for a project leader of a joint research project between a university/research institute and industry.

Dornbirn GFC 2023 Key topics:
# Fiber innovation & Bio Materials
# Sustainability & Circular Economy
# Nonwovens & Technical Textiles
# Apparel & Sports

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors who support us despite the difficult economic situation, believe in and hold on to the cohesion in the fiber industry and the important networking function of the Dornbirn GFC.

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