63rd Dornbirn GFC Global Fiber Congress 11 – 13 September 2024, Dornbirn Austria


The experiences, impressions and feedback from the last Dornbirn GFC form the basis for planning the next Global Fiber Congress. This will take place in its usual form from September 11 – 13, 2024 in the Kulturhaus Dornbirn, Austria. The presentation topics for the 63rd Dornbirn GFC 2024 are unusual, new and innovative. The submission deadline for technical presentations is February 15, 2024 on the newly developed registration platform.

Call for Papers 2024:
The Dornbirn GFC 2024 has set itself the goal of meeting the requirements of the fiber industry. Fast-paced developments, technical challenges and, last but not least, the extensive legal requirements are incorporated into the program design. Therefore, the Dornbirn GFC team developed an innovative categorization and division of the subject areas in cooperation with the Programme Committee members.

Presentations can be submitted in these categories:
– Fiber Innovations
– Circular Economy & Recycling & Sustainability
– Energy Solutions
– Emerging Technologies

Fiber Innovation:
The fiber innovation category continues to be the main focus of the Dornbirn GFC and includes all ap-plications such as apparel, home textiles, automotive, technical textiles, etc. Nonwoven applications are also part of this category, as they have a high innovation potential. Presentations in the areas of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and others will enrich the holistic approach to fibers. Raw materials for man-made fiber production such as pulp and precursors for synthetic fibers expand the fiber innovation category. In summary, presentations can be submitted in the areas of biopolymers, biomaterials, new process technologies, natural fibers, surface modification, raw materials, e.g. cellulose, polyester, etc.

Circular Economy & Recycling & Sustainability:
Due to the increasing awareness of climate change, the implementation of the “Green Deal” and the set goals for sustainable development, this topic has gained enormous importance over the years. The challenges facing the fiber industry are enormous. These concern the sustainability of textiles and nonwovens, new and future sorting and separation technologies and mechanical and chemical recycling.

Energy solutions:
The energy factor is becoming increasingly important for the entire value chain in terms of costs and sustainability. The Dornbirn GFC 2024 focuses on energy innovations. Fibers are used in the areas of energy generation, energy storage and energy efficiency.

Up-and-coming technology:
The topics of digitalization, artificial intelligence, transparency and traceability of fibres are becoming increasingly important in the value chain. New technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking in the fiber industry find their place in this category.

4th Dornbirn GFC Innovation Days: Call for Papers 2024:

The Dornbirn GFC is a great opportunity for innovators to meet the key players in the fiber and textile industry. With its focus on innovation and research, the congress offers an inspiring environment for high-quality contacts. A total of 25 innovative companies and start-ups – from the 1st – 3rd or later stage – can apply to be part of the 4th Dornbirn GFC Innovation Days.

– Which innovative technological solutions have already established in the market?
– Do you recognize industry trends and would you like to involve your innovation?
– Can you make a contribution with your innovation and support the fiber and textile industry with sustainable solutions?
– Which research activities are currently particularly promising?

If you can answer one of these questions with “yes”, then the 4th Dornbirn GFC Innovation Days is the right place for your company. Take the opportunity for the benefit of the future and become part of the Dornbirn GFC community.

This offer is on available to innovators:
– Touch Point in the Foje of the Kulturhaus
– Lecture of 20 minutes
– Free conference ticket
– Networking with international fiber producers, processors, machine builders
– Invitation to the gala evening
– Invitation to the speakers’ evening

The Dornbirn GFC team looks forward to receiving your application!
Registration deadline: March 31, 2024
63rd Dornbirn GFC + 4th Dornbirn GFC Innovation Days 2024
11 – 13 September in Dornbirn, Austria

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