“Après vous” – A source of inspiration for the 2024-2025 collections


“Après vous”, the trend book for the Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 season
presented at Porte de Versailles, Paris, celebrates “the world after”, but
also a certain French savoir-vivre, a source of creation for textiles and
fashion. To be discovered and experienced from July 3 to 5 at Texworld
Evolution Paris.

A source of inspiration for the 2024-2025 collections
Following in the footsteps of Premier Sens, Texworld Evolution Paris Art
Directors Louis Gérin and Gregory Lamaud continue to explore creative spaces
where the real and its landmarks are transcended by the virtual. Après Vous
expresses the uncertainty of a world out of breath, shaken by the profound
questioning of social codes and identities.

In this uncertain but fertile ferment, creative proposals are born from
“reassemblies”, recombining influences that supplant and erase styles. Color
reclaims its rightful place, in a combination of materials where noble, natural
fibers, raw, crumpled aspects, archaic yet sophisticated, are expressed first and
foremost, in a spirit of “déjà wear”.

The four themes that structure this new trend book, based on the analysis of
emerging signals detected in the creative, artistic, economic and societal fields,
explore all these areas.

• In Memoriam – This theme evokes traces. Those that the living leaves on
earth – « Mutant ruins. Outgrowths of our cultures […] visible for those who
know how to read the remains as one knows how to read between the lines » –
mixed with the ultimate protections used by humans to escape extinction. The
creative paths suggested exalt raw materials, protective leathers, mantillas,
encapsulated materials supported by mauve or fuchsia harmonies, but whose
rendering remains mineral with a matte, powdery appearance.

• In vitro – It’s about the “world after”, when life, long kept at bay, reclaims its
rights : « It tries, experiments, […] as it has always done […] It is a firework
display. » Without going into exuberance, the worlds depicted here reflect the
reassembling of nature and synthesis. The materials are sophisticated –
snakeskin and outgrowth effects, for example – but the fiber often remains
visible. The universe of colors is extensive, but always suggests the living, the
fruit or the flower in a subtle, elegant assemblage.

• Mori – Don’t forget you’re mortal! Once again, this theme emphasizes the
memory of the abundance of a bygone world. It expresses the memory of lust, the pleasure of over-consumption and its effects: plastic, pollution, waste. «
Humans have devoured the planet, but the ruins are beautiful: what we used to
call waste has taken advantage of our demise to express all its beauty. » This
is the theme where the color range is the most extravagant, showy and sharp,
without being vulgar. The palette ranges from orange to “veiny” blue, with no
specific hue. Materials are crumpled, sandy or plasticized. Knits are loose-fitting.

• Ad Vitam – This is undoubtedly the most “mature” of the 4 proposals, and the
one that most directly symbolizes the symbiosis between the natural and the
digital. Here, in an animistic vision, the manifestations of life (hatching,
decomposition…) and the beating of the digital universe (the machine, data…)
merge. ” The world is patient and remembers us, violent…”. This theme finds
expression in plant materials, earthy materials and “noble” fibers with raw
aspects. The colors also reflect the resurgence of life, with pastel hues
reminiscent of autumn fruits and vegetables, forests and grains.

All these themes will be presented in the Trends Forum. Visitors will be able to
discover samples of materials and finished products of the exhibiting companies
and selected by the Art Directors to illustrate each of these creative universes.

Texworld Evolution Paris is an invitation to explore materials and finished
products at the crossroads of Apparel Sourcing and Texworld. Leatherworld is
a platform dedicated to the leather industry while Texworld Demin is the spot
for the Denim offer. Avantex gathers forward thinking solution providers and
services around the major topics for the industry.

Bhargav Pathak
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