IMPERFaiCTION – the trend book for the Autumn-Winter 2025-2026 season To be discovered during Texworld Apparelsourcing Paris July 2024 show.


« IMPERFaiCTION », the trend book for the Autumn-Winter 2025-2026 season explores the limits of Man in confronting the potential of AI, and proposes a poetic reading of our imperfections… When our own biological reality becomes a “zone to defend”. To be discovered from July 1 to 3, 2024 at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles.

“Our desires are too great for us. We are limited and imperfect.” Based on this injunction, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, artistic directors of Texworld Apparel Sourcing Paris, deliver their vision of a future where the power of technology – especially AI – highlights our own weaknesses, to the point of threatening us with total obliteration.

A universe of trends / Four creative themes

Based on the cross-referencing and analysis of emerging signals detected in the artistic, economic and societal fields, this approach draws a wardrobe in four inspiring themes for fashion designers. Pattern design boards grouping the color universes around 3 “star colors”, the looks and silhouettes staged for each creative universe allow us to explore the trends for Autumn-Winter 2025-2026.

#1 Confrontation.

This first proposal sets the scene: by exposing the infinite potential of AI, it reminds us of our immaturity. It expresses the fragility of the human condition and its need for protection. The rather pure color universe is oriented towards vegetal nuances, dominated by ivory, soft green and woody palettes. The protective, fluffy textures – while borrowing from the geological world – convey the sensoriality of this theme.

Texworld Apparel Sourcing July 2024
Texworld Apparel Sourcing July 2024

#2 Seduction.

There’s nothing left but to enjoy the show! » The second phase of our fascination with these technologies that surpass us is seduction. Magic is at the heart of this theme, where life, in all its forms, is most visible. It emerges at the heart of the material, through organically inspired textures, human figures and mineral inlays. This “prolonged life” is expressed through a palette of carnal, languorous and embodied colors, but also with bright, floral and sweet tones.

#3 Alienation.

The abandonment lasted only a short time: seduction no longer works, and [artificial] intelligence takes over. « We had believed that freedom meant no longer having to choose. It was quite the opposite. We abandoned our decisions. » The algorithm outpaces thought, takes over and occupies space… The matter is distorted and spread out… It steps out of the space in which we’re used to seeing it. The key colors are warm and assertive and are applied to materials that express universes close to life, with draped textures and embroidery.

#4 Annihilation.

Humans disappear, fade away and submit to AI. It’s the theme of erasure. « We have simply become insignificant […] Ejected from the equation. » Here, colors are absent, palettes disembodied, extremely mineral, metallic and dusty. Here, technical fabrics perfectly translate this quest for neutrality, with smooth, lacquered aspects: coatings find a privileged terrain of expression here with lunar, sedimentary-inspired relief effects.

All four universes will be showcased in two Trend Forums: one at Texworld Paris for fabrics, and the other at Apparel Sourcing Paris for finished products. Visitors will be able to discover looks inspired by the fabrics and products selected by the show’s artistic directors. The Highlights Elite and Highlights Denim areas will also offer many variations on these themes, with samples and scenarios to illustrate each.

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Bhargav Pathak
Bhargav Pathak
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