Innovate: Zero Carbon co-locates with COP28 in Dubai


17/07/23, Leeds, United Kingdom: World Textile Information Network (WTiN) will co-locate the Innovate: Zero Carbon conference with COP28 in Dubai, UAE, this year.

Reducing carbon emissions and achieving ‘net zero’ is one effective way the textile & apparel sector can rise to the climate emergency. Not only this, but it is also a way in which the supply chain can reduce costs, increase confidence, and streamline operations. As a result, WTiN has launched Innovate: Zero Carbon – an innovation-driven and action-oriented conference enabling knowledge sharing around technology, materials, and operational strategy. Taking place live from Dubai, the event will provide insights into delivering tangible reductions in the carbon footprint of companies in the textile & apparel value chain.

Hosted at the Dubai Global Connect, the conference will explore:

  • Decarbonisation legislation: an international overview
  • How a ‘materials transition’ can support the net zero agenda
  • Reinventing dyeing & finishing for net zero transition
  • How digitalisation is driving decarbonisation
  • How circularity can contribute towards net zero supply chain
  • Designing and communicating net zero targets
  • Empower teams to drive zero carbon action in supply chain

“We are thrilled to partner with WTiN to host the highly anticipated Innovate: Zero Carbon event at our facility in Dubai,” said Paul Boots, head of business development, Dubai Global Connect “Dubai Global Connect has been designed as the premier international sourcing and wholesale hub for the fashion & textile industry with a vision of providing a convenient and seamless experience for all industry professionals. We look forward to welcoming the delegates to Dubai.”

Mark Jarvis, WTiN managing director, said: “Innovate: Zero Carbon promises to be an exciting event for the whole of the textile & apparel value chain. We are increasingly getting approached by companies across the sector looking for help on reducing carbon emissions and transforming to more environmentally practices.

“With this event, we can do that on a wider, global scale with help from key industry figures and experts as speakers. The opportunity for networking and discussion with this crucial topic at the forefront is also invaluable in the current climate. We look forward to welcoming delegates from across the world to Dubai.”

Chinky Tyagi Khare, head of business development at WTiN, said: “Dubai is strategically placed as a hub for the global textile & apparel industry to meet in the post Covid-19 era. Co-located with COP28 and the World Climate Summit, it is the ideal place to open an actionable discussion around the long road to net zero while maintaining business growth.”

Event partners include digital textile and finishing technology expert Alchemie Technology, and EcoLactam®, which can reduce your scope 3 emission by cutting Nylon-6 footprint by up to 70%. Both partner technologies have strong commitment towards sustainable production.

Alan Hudd, CEO and founder of Alchemie Technology, said: “Alchemie is a pioneer in developing disruptive Digital Technologies to revolutionise the textile industry for a sustainable clean-tech future, protecting the planet from damaging climate change processes. Our mission is to dramatically cut the CO2 emissions produced by the industry and eliminate the huge amounts of fresh water used in the process of textile dyeing.

“Innovate Zero Carbon is an important platform for us to reach out to the entire textile & apparel supply chain. This is especially relevant since the problems have massive global significance with no national boundaries. Co-location with the upcoming COP28 will provide a spotlight for the necessary attention to bring about sustainable initiatives to protect the planet.”

Giovanni Henssen, business development manager of sustainability at Fibrant, producer of nylon-6 precursor caprolactam, added: “Innovate Zero Carbon is an exciting opportunity for us. EcoLactam® is Fibrant’s caprolactam with an ultra-low carbon footprint achieved through continuous process improvements and innovations. With this new and extraordinary generation of products, we can contribute to significantly lowering scope 3 emissions in the value chain. The action-oriented aims of Innovate Zero Carbon therefore align perfectly with our mission.”

Bhargav Pathak
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