Strong Indian Participation Welcomed At Upcoming Global Sourcing Expo


India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has stated that India’s greatest textile strength is its ability to connect the glorious history of Indian tradition with today’s talent technology
with traditions. It’s a thread that brings together style, sustainability, scale, and skill.

Julie Holt, Global Exhibition Director for the upcoming Global Sourcing Expo Sydney, who recently attended Bharat Tex 2024 show in New Delhi, says she couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that India’s textile superpower is that of its strong history of various textile traditions, which includes hand wovens and handlooms, hand dyes and intricate beadwork. “These skills are painstakingly honed and passed down through generations to give Indian textile products a unique look and feel that cannot be recreated with the use of only modern manufacturing techniques.”

“Furthermore, at BharatTex 2024 show it was clear that there are some exciting new developments and focus across the entire textile value-chain in India which are going to further propel India’s growth in the textile sectors in coming years.”

Top Australian b2b textile trade show
Top Australian b2b textile trade show

Many Indian export councils and trade organisations have historically had a strong presence at the Global Sourcing Expo in Australia Melbourne and Sydney. This year is the second year that the event is held biannually and the upcoming edition to be held at the Sydney International Convention Centre from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 June 2024 will feature another strong showing by India. “As a truly global event, we welcome the participation of a broad range of Indian companies and participation by Council for Leather Exports India and The Federation of Indian Export Organisations.

Prime Minister Modi has further emphasised the importance of the ‘5 Fs’ in India’s textile value chain: Farm to Fibre, Fibre to Factory, Factory to Fashion and Fashion to Foreign, signifying the crucial role that exporting and participation in international exhibitions like the Global Sourcing Expo play in reducing the distance between local manufacturers, artisans and the larger market. The government has also introduced funding and sponsorship schemes that allow smaller companies to participate in the Global Sourcing Expo under the umbrella of the various trade association pavilions, which see dozens of manufacturers and artisans showcasing their products to buyers from New Zealand and Australia.

This platform also provides a golden opportunity for exhibitors to foster international networks and explore potential business and creative collaborations with the goal of boosting textile exports from India to global markets.

India has a sustainability advantage

Speaking to the long history between Indian export and trade organisations and the Global Sourcing Expo, Julie shares that the Australian market is attractive for a wide range of reasons. “In many cases, cultural familiarity and strong diaspora networks help encourage trade between our two countries and Australia is seen as a strong and fashion-conscious market with a high spending propensity on fashion. It is also well understood that there is a paradigm shift in sourcing and that the sourcing map is changing rapidly.”

“Exporters in India and other countries also understand that Australian consumers are very focused on sustainability and quality, and the demand for ultra-fast fashion is beginning to wane. Instead, consumers are shifting toward quality fabric, materials and production, handmade and unique fashion, all elements that have traditionally and proudly been associated with India,” she adds.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the 2024 Global Sourcing Expo, recognizing the growing calls from consumers for ethical production practices and traceability in the supply chain. Here, Julie believes that India’s wealth of raw materials, particularly natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and jute, and preference for traditional manufacturing processes will be a significant advantage. “Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are front and center for Indian companies, recognizing the opportunity to not only help the market but also capitalize on new marketing opportunities by following sustainable practices.”

Strong Indian Participation Welcomed At Upcoming Global Sourcing Expo
Strong Indian Participation Welcomed At Upcoming Global Sourcing Expo

Finally, Julie shares that while the Global Sourcing Expo can be seen as a gateway to entering the Australian and New Zealand markets, the benefits of attending aren’t limited to unlocking new business opportunities.

“Global Sourcing Expo also has an educational aspect, offering a wealth of practical resources and information. Participants will gain valuable market insights into the Australian and New Zealand markets and understand the latest trends, consumer preferences and regulatory requirements,” she concludes.

Global Sourcing Expo. Modi 3.0. top Australian b2b textile trade show
Global Sourcing Expo. Modi 3.0. top Australian b2b textile trade show

Global Sourcing Melbourne held 19 – 21 November at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is also on track to showcase the largest participation by Indian companies since its inception. It is exciting that India is embracing both the Sydney and Melbourne editions understanding the opportunities that the two major markets of Australia confer. It also enables continuity for both exporters and buyers and will further amplify the opportunities for sourcing from India.

Bhargav Pathak
Bhargav Pathak
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