Texworld Evolution Paris: “Veritas” trend book for the Spring-Summer 2025 season


“Veritas”, the trend book for the Spring-Summer 2025 season, looks at a world where each individual defends “their” truth. Gone are the days of tribal fashion… To be discovered at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, from 5 to 7 February 2024.

After exploring a world where the senses are once again at the centre, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, the artistic directors of Texworld Evolution Paris, offer a more personal interpretation of this future humanity. Our wardrobes reflect our individual levels of commitment to the “truth”. Faced with the modern paradox of growth versus sustainability, each of us expresses our own vision of
the world. These points of view are reflected in the four themes of this new trend book.

Apparel Sourcing – Texworld Evolution
Apparel Sourcing – Texworld Evolution

Creative themes imagined with AI

Based on the analysis of emerging signals detected in the artistic, economic and social fields, these approaches incorporate elements of artificial intelligence for the first time. The artistic directors have incorporated them – by identifying them – into the ‘pattern design’ boards that bring together the colours and silhouettes used for each creative universe.

#1 Belief. This theme, which isn’t very assertive and is rather introverted, expresses itself with elegance and discretion. The colour temperatures remain calm, in the background. The colour universe is oriented towards more “conservative”, mineral shades, dominated by green and blue. The textures express matter and vibrations.

#2 Immanence. While this proposal remains conservative and mystical, it is more visible than the previous one. It expresses a more talkative “bohemian-chic” universe, asserting its point of view through a relatively cynical approach: “these are the new rules of our common life. You have to live with them”. The colour range is expressive and warmer, but remains fairly classic. It is expressed more in knitwear or embroidery, materials with relief or a frosted appearance.

#3 Knowledge. This is all about affirming yourself. This theme, which also draws on classic sources of inspiration – nature, plants, flowers – sets out to transform them radically. The colours are strong, contrasting, in opposition, and are applied to materials that express the future, with crumpled, liquid or transparent textures.

#4 Experience. This is the most committed theme in the field of subjective truths. “Trust only yourself. […] Don’t believe. Test […] trust no one. Learn from your own experience”. The colours are very bold: we wear them to attract attention. Acidic, sweet shades are king, as are materials that evoke urban or sporty codes: rips, shiny aspects, organic (second-skin type), but also lace and transparency.

All these worlds will be showcased in two Trend Forums: one at Texworld Paris for fabrics, the other at Apparel Sourcing Paris for finished products (a new feature in February 2024). Visitors will be able to discover looks inspired by the fabrics and products selected by the show’s art directors. There will also be new areas with samples to illustrate each of these themes: Highlights Texworld, Highlight Apparel Sourcing, Highlights Elite and Highlights Denim.

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